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Survey Junkie is one of the best paid survey sites available in Canada and the United States. When you want to start making extra cash using online survey sites, one of the very first questions you want an answer to is whether or not the site is legitimate and worth your time?

The answer to the question “Is Survey Junkie legit?” is “Yes.” In this review, I show you how to become a member of the site and how to make money when you give your opinions.

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Survey Junkie is one of the best paid survey sites available in Canada and the United States. Join now to start making extra money from the comfort of your home using your computer, phone, or tablet.


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Survey Junkie: WHO ARE THEY?
Survey Junkie is a market research company that pays members for contributing their opinions. Businesses and brands want to know how they are performing in the market, what consumers think of their products, and how they can improve. To know all of these, they need useful information from people like you.

This is where companies like Survey Junkie come into play. They link these businesses with everyday customers who give them feedback and who get rewarded for their time.

Survey Junkie was founded in 2013 and currently has over 3 million members in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

HOW DOES Survey Junkie WORK?
There are many opportunities to earn cash after you sign up for Survey Junkie. And, unlike some other surveys, they also offer several ways for you to redeem your earnings.

Survey Junkie LOGIN
In order for you to become a member, you must be at least 13 years old and live in the United States, Canada, or Australia. To get started:

Join Survey Junkie here and create an account. This process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Complete your profile so as to ensure you will receive lots of surveys and qualify for most of them.

Verify your email address by opening the confirmation email sent to your inbox and clicking on the link.

HOW TO EARN WITH Survey Junkie
It is easy to start making extra cash with Survey Junkie as they send survey invitations to your inbox on a regular basis. You will also find surveys on your account dashboard pretty much every day.

PRO TIP: To receive more survey invitations and earn more, ensure you complete all profile questionnaires appropriately. Also, ensure you always give honest answers and avoid contradicting yourself.